The magnificent Castle Pleasure Grounds sit right in the centre of Tamworth between the traditional town and the new retail park. The site has ‘Easy Access’ in Tamworth from the A5 and M42. There are 9 car parks within easy walking distance.

To find the entrance to the festival please use B79 7ND

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Sitting high above the confluence of the rivers Tame and Anker is Tamworth Castle at its heart, 900 years of history waiting to be explored. A visit here is a must. The cascading flower beds below scent the air with their perfume. The grounds have many paved foot-ways to enjoy a leisurely stroll where nature can be seen at play. Take the Planet Walk, simply follow the red rockets laid into the path. For the younger, more adventurous, there is a rambling, enclosed play park, a skate park, tennis courts, crazy golf, you can even hire a bike.

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