1. Food Gusto reserves the right to postpone or cancel any event without notice and in line with predicted weather conditions, event or local circumstances and are not liable for any costs which may result. The local council also has the right to postpone or cancel any event and may also need to adjust stall numbers which will result in a booking cancellation.
  2. Exhibitors must have fully paid the event invoice one month prior to the event.
    (This is essential as at previous events exhibitors who had not paid were the ones who did not turn up – depriving others of the opportunity of attending.)
  3. Please advise us if you would like us to invoice for all events or wait and receive individual invoices 3 months prior to the event.
  4. Insurance details need to be provided one month prior to the event.
    (We need to check your insurance is valid and provide copies to the local councils.)
  5. Exhibitors must provide their food hygiene certificate and confirmation of which local area their food and drink business is registered with.
    (Again one month prior to the event.)
  6. Exhibitors will be allocated a position prior to the event, this should not be changed with out prior consent from the event organiser.
  7. Only certified ‘organic product’ should be sold under an organic label and a copy of the certificate should be on display.
  8. To exhibit and sell food at Food Gusto events you must have a food hygiene rating of three stars or above.
  9. If you wish to serve alcohol on site, this must be agreed in advance. You must also ensure it is never sold/served to anyone under the age of 21 years and adhere to a strict challenge 21 policy.
  10. All businesses cooking must have a fire extinguisher on site and staff trained in its use. You must not bring generators on site without prior authorisation.
  11. At events all exhibitors need to follow the instructions of the event organiser.  This includes moving vehicles from the site at the designated time and also not entering the site or dismantling stands until the event is finished and under the guidance of the event marshals.
  12. You must remove all your own rubbish – you will be charged for any that is left on site
  13. Park in the designated area only.
  14. Exhibitors must take responsibility for safety and sanitation.
  15. Where the organisers feel food hygiene standards are not adequate we reserve the right to close the stand and assist the exhibitor with leaving the event.

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