Tamworth Food Gusto 2016

Pitches are being booked up for this event – so if you want to ensure your pitch please put your booking request in asap.

The Tamworth Food Gusto Festival takes place on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th of September at the Tamworth Castle Pleasure Grounds. It’s a great opportunity to get your company and products in front of the regions foodies. You can find our Booking Form here.  We are looking for real artisans and producers making quality and unique products.  Its only £2 for visitors to get so it attracts good visitor numbers.

For more info Call Jaime on 01530 411337 or email jaime@foodgusto.com

Exhibitor Bookings being taken for Tamworth Festival 2016

One thought on “Exhibitor Bookings being taken for Tamworth Festival 2016

  • August 5, 2016 at 10:03 am

    I am enquiring if there is any trade stands still available for us to promote our cheese range at your Tamworth festival in September
    We are family run business trading as farm to shop in leek staffordshire for over thirty years. Where we have been retailing, producing and selling on the high streets. We attended local farmers markets,shows and food festival.
    We are very proud to be marketing a fantastic range of over twenty five additive cheese’s with a difference which are made in calvery Nantwich Cheshire. Where surplus of whey is brought from other small cheese makers in cheshire and then addatives are added like spices, herbs, fruits and alcohol to make the cheese more intresting (none of our cheese are waxed). All sold in a cut wedge of 120g in a pick and mix range of 5 for £6 giving us a affordable unique flavoursome cheese range,with samples being offered of the full range.
    A current product range is added below and a picture of our indoor and outdoor display of our stalls.We can forward samples on to you if required. Sorry but our web site is currantly being updated. If you think you could accommodate us we would love to attend your events.
    Looking forward to your response, Kind Regards – Mandy cope
    Double Gloucester & Blue Stilton Sandwich

    Four Counties (White Cheshire, Red Leicester, Double Gloucester,

    White Mature Cheddar in a quadruple layer)

    Smoked Cheddar Bonefire (Oak smoked)

    Cheddar smoked with paprika

    Marble (a blend of cheddar,Cheshire,Double Gloucester & red Leicester)


    Burner (Pepers,Chillies & garlic)

    Flamin Hot

    Cheddar, Herbs & Garlic

    Cheddar, Chives & Onion

    Cheddar & Spring Onion

    Cheddar & Pickled Onion

    Cheddar, Sage & Onion

    Cheddar & Cider

    Cheddar & Sundried Tomato

    Cheddar & Onion

    Cheddar & Marmite

    Cheddar, Chilli & mixed Peppers

    Cheddar & Guinness

    Double Gloucester, Chives & Onion

    Royal Red (Cheddar with Port Wine)

    Sage Derby (Derby Cheese Rubbed with Sage)

    Wensleydale & Cranberries

    Wensleydale & Apricots

    Wensleydale & Ginger

    Wensleydale mango & Ginger

    White Stilton & Apricots

    White Cheshire & Spring Onion

    White Cheshire & Marmalade

    Tasty Cheshire

    Cheshire & manjino

    Mexicona (HOT)

    Firery dragon (VERY HOT)


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